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Saginaw Surplus FAQ's:

Does Saginaw Surplus accept returns?
In order to allow us to keep bringing you great deals and incredible prices, we do not except returns. All sales are final.

Does Saginaw Surplus offer a warranty on its products?
A-grade new doors are warrantied for 1-year from date of purchase. Clearance and scratch'n'dent doors are specially priced and not warrantied.

Does Saginaw Surplus install doors?
Although we do not offer door installation, we can recommend quality third party installers other customers have used. Saginaw Surplus is not responsible for the work of third party companies.

Will Saginaw Surplus stain unfinished doors?
We do not offer finishing services. However, many of our doors are available pre-stained. We can also recommend third party door finishers. Saginaw Surplus is not responsible for the work of third party companies.

Does Saginaw Surplus offer door refinishing?
We do not offer door refinishing. See below for information on caring for pre-finished doors. Depending on the severity, a pre-finished door from Saginaw Surplus may not actually cost much more than the cost of getting a door professionally refinished.

Does Saginaw Surplus ship outside of Dallas/Fort Worth?
Yes! Call us at 817-766-7746 to place an order. View our shipping prices and policies here.

Does Saginaw Surplus deliver in Dallas/Fort Worth?
We can arrange delivery of your product for an additional fee using a third party. Call or email for more details.

Can I purchase online?
We currently do not accept purchases on our website. Purchases can easily be made over the phone by calling 817-766-7746. Our experienced sales team can make sure you are purchasing the correct door for your needs.


Door FAQ's and Glossary of Door Terms:

How do you install a door unit?
For warranty purposes, doors must be installed by a licensed contractor. Click here to download installation instructions.

What is the "actual unit size" for doors?
Actual unit size is the size of the actual door product measured from outside edge of jamb to outside edge of jamb.

What is the definition of "rough opening" for doors?
Rough opening is the size of the opening in the wall where the door unit is placed. Generally it is a half-inch greater than the actual door unit size.

How to measure the rough opening for your door?
To measure your rough opening, using a tape measure, measure horizontally from the inside edge of stud to inside edge of stud for the width. For height, measure vertically from the subfloor to the bottom edge of the head stud.

What is Knotty Alder? Can you change the location or number of knots?
Knotty Alder wood is a natural product valued for its rustic appeal. As a natural product, variations within the texture and finish of the wood are to be expected. As such, we cannot control or be held responsible for the placement, quantity or size of knots, cracks or other distress markings on the wood surface.

What are jambs?
Jambs are the frame the door is hung in.

What are primed jambs?
Primed jambs are made from composite or pine wood and are "primed" or made ready to apply paint to.

What are matching jambs?
Matching jambs are jambs that are the same wood and finish as the door slab that is hung in it.

What are clear jambs?
Clear jambs are unfinished wood jambs, where each jamb piece is made from a solid piece of wood. These are also called stain grade jambs.

What are finger-joint jambs?
Finger-joint jambs are unfinished wood jambs, where each jamb piece is made from multiple wood pieces finger-jointed together. These are also called paint grade jambs.

What are Scratch'n'dent, B-grade, and {S/D} doors? Can they be repaired?
These are different terms to describe doors that have been discounted because of minor scratches and dents on the surface or finish. Often the blemishes are minor and may be easily overlooked without any work. More visible blemishes can be repaired using a variety of products readily available.

How do I repair a scratch on a pre-finished door?
For touching up our pre-finished mahogany and pre-finished mahogany fiberglass doors or jambs, we recommend using a Minwax #225 Red Mahogany stain marker. For pre-finished knotty alder, we recommend Minwax #210B Golden Oak stain marker. We have both Minwax markers and wood putty available for purchase in our store.

What is SGF or SG Flat Glass?
SGF glass, also known as "single glazed flat" or "single glazed clear", is a glass insert consisting of a single flat pane of glass. This is the most economical type of glass.

What is SGB or SG Beveled Glass?
SGB glass, also known as "single glazed beveled", is a glass insert consisting of a single beveled pane of glass. A step above SGF glass, SGB glass remains economical but includes the extra beauty of beveled glass.

What is IG Beveled Glass?
IG Beveled Glass, or insulated glazed double-pane beveled glass, is a 2-pane glass insert consisting of a flat pane with a beveled pane. This is considered to be a more energy efficient clear glass.

What is IG Decorative Glass?
IG Decorative Glass, or insulated glazed triple-pane decorative glass, is a 3-pane glass insert consisting of a single flat pane of decorative glass with caming insulated by two flat panes of clear glass. This is the most energy efficient decorative glass and is easier to clean than uninsulated decorative glass.

What is a TDL or True Divided Lite door?
With TDL doors, each glass lite consist of a separate piece of glass. For example: a 6-lite TDL door would be made with 6 individual pieces of glass.

How do you adjust an adjustable threshold?
Test the adjustable threshold. To test, place a sheet of paper over the threshold and close the door then, pull on the paper. If the threshold adjustment is correct there will be some tension on the paper as you pull it. If the paper tears, the threshold is too high. If there is no tension at all on the paper when you pull it, the threshold is too low. To adjust the threshold, tighten or loosen all screws on the sill, 1/2 a turn at a time (left to loosen and right to tighten. Then repeat the paper test. Remember you want the paper to have some tension as you pull it, without tearing the paper. Be sure the door sweep contacts the threshold evenly.

Which is better, a steel, fiberglass, wood or iron entry door?
It depends on what you are looking for. Steel, fiberglass and wood can all be painted to match existing decor and come in a variety of styles. Steel doors are low maintenance, durable, and generally the least expensive. Fiberglass doors cost a bit more than wood. They are very durable and will not dent, rot, or rust. Fiberglass doors can also be purchased with a wood grain texture that give them the appearance of wood without the maintenance. Wood doors are more expensive as they add natural beauty and warmth to any home, instantly increasing the home's curb appeal and value. Wood doors can be stained to enhance the wood grain and look like a fine piece of furniture. But like a piece of furniture, wood doors require routine maintenance. Iron doors are generally the most expensive but will add to the home’s security and make a beautiful first impression that will last for years.

How do you care for an unfinished wood entry door?
Unfinished wood door units must be finished or primed and painted on all six sides immediately. Use good quality oil base or acrylic latex paints. Do not use a water base primer. If painting, higher gloss paints will offer better protection than "flat/low gloss" paints. If staining: follow the stain manufacturer's instructions for finishing the door and then read "How do you care for a pre-finished wood entry door?" below.

How do you care for a pre-finished wood entry door?
A pre-finished wood entry door unit is a fine piece of furniture and must be maintained as such. For everyday cleaning, a wood furniture polish may be used. If door shows some fading, a liquid scratch cover polish may be used to give the door some extra luster. If the actual finish is deteriorating, the door may need to be re-finshed. Exposure to the elements (sun, rain, snow, sleet and air pollutants) will cause a well finished wood door unit to be affected. The following requirements will help you understand the maintenance needed to protect your investment: Direct sunlight will cause the finish on any door unit to deteriorate faster. The entryway must provide adequate protection against the elements (see "What is the proper overhang for exterior wood entry doors?" below). Inspect your door unit periodically. If the topcoat has been damaged or is showing signs of deterioration an additional application of top coat will need to be applied. Depending on the environment, the door unit will need to be refinished periodically.

What is the proper overhang for exterior wood entry doors?
Wood entry doors are a beautiful investment for your home that require a proper overhang to protect them. A good rule of thumb for the wood entry door/overhang equation is, the overhang should extend outward at least 1/2 the height of the entire entryway and a minimum of 3' of either side of the wood entry door unit. Stand in your entryway, take a tape measure and measure from your feet and upward to the bottom of the overhang. If the height is 10' then the projection will need to be 5' outward. Now for the width, extend the tape measure 3' and place on the outer left and right side of the wood door unit, this is how far the overhang should be in width. This general rule will help provide a protective "umbrella" for your wood entry door.

How do you care for a fiberglass front door?
If painting, follow the paint manufacturer's instructions. If staining follow the stain manufacturer's instructions for finishing the door. Fiberglass entry doors can be cleaned using soap and water or any non-abrasive household cleaners. If paint or stain is faded, door may need to be re-painted or stained.

How do you care for a prehung steel door?
If painting, follow the paint manufacturer's instructions. Steel entry doors can be cleaned using soap and water or any non-abrasive household cleaners. If paint is faded, door may need to be re-painted.


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